Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 100 - A New Beginning

During a springtime long ago, my friend Finneas and I, and the knight Cymru, and my stout and strong-hearted brother Kaial left on a journey that would take us across strange and dangerous lands, spanning valleys and hills I still long for.  The hard path tired our legs and backs, drove welts across our faces and furrows across our brows.  We never ceased being weary of our journey, yet we were emboldened by the many threats offered by the boundless land, creatures and forces as diverse in nature as can be imagined by anyone who has not ventured beyond the fields and woods of our homeland.  The feral demon, Dghom Ulfr, the various and terrible denizens of the Outland, the broad-winged and untamed birds of the Great Moors - all of these creatures are forever etched in my memory, a carved monument about which all future events in my life shall circle.  I left my home, innocent, and excited about the prospect of adventure.  I return, having lost some of my friends, having found many others; but I return home, forever changed, and a stranger to all who once knew me.